Dr Mihajlo Danilovic (Chiropractor)

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With a Masters in Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology (Macquarie University), a Certificate 3 in Fitness, and a Level 1 Sports Trainer Certificate, Mihajlo is a chiropractor with a passion for sports, wellbeing, fitness and health. His approach to Chiropractic is a holistic one, with the aim not only to improve patients’ immediate and future health but also enable them to reach their peak health, increase their quality of life and reap the benefits.

During a consultation with Dr Mihajlo Danilovic a thorough case history is taken before the process of assessing, diagnosing and providing a management plan. A typical treatment can involve physical, functional and biomechanical testing and correction, spinal and peripheral adjustments, deep tissue work, nutritional advice, the setting of required rehabilitation programs and overall wellness guidance.

Mihajlo also works with his patients to ensure they understand what needs to be done between treatments, in order for the fastest possible recovery time to be achieved. This can include tailored exercise regimes, stretches and supplementation plans.

Mihajlo is a Serbian speaking Chiropractor and is able to provide services for those that require consultations in Serbian.

Affiliated Clinics
Activ Therapy - Liverpool

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Activ Therapy - Liverpool
Shop 199A, Corner of Elizabeth and George Street
Liverpool NSW 2170 
02 9726 4491
02 9726 4482