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Dr Zachariah Joseph Turner
Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine
Medical Specialties
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Zac Turner has devoted most of his young life to helping others improve their health and wellbeing. Despite his relative young age of 31, Zac has lived an action packed life; 3 degrees, 11 years at university (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Nursing, and Bachelor of Biomedical Science) Voluntary humanitarian work across the globe, which he started at the age of 13 A Lieutenant (Medical) in Royal Australian Navy. However, Zac failed to complete navy officer training and never served. Being home schooled as well as being a fast learner allowed Zac to focus a week’s worth of high school study in to one day. This concentrated work ethic gave the teen plenty of time to develop his passion for Basketball. He even represented Australia between 2001-2003. His unique schooling also gave him the freedom to explore the world from a very early age. His parents fostered his curiosity by allowing him to do voluntary humanitarian work from the age of 13. For 3-4 months of every year, Zac travelled the globe working as a hospital volunteer in the Republic of Congo, a drug rehabilitation volunteer in Napoli, and volunteering in Arnhem Land. At the age of 16, Zac had received the required marks to enter university, and began 11 years of study. Three degrees followed; Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Nursing, and Bachelor of Biomedical Science. While studying these degrees, Zac worked full time. He has been a registered nurse at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital, a case worker for the Department of Child Safety, a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy, and most recently a Director of his own holistic aesthetic medical clinic. Zac has never obtained fellowship with a recognised specialist college in Australia. Over the past few years Zac has focussed his attention on men’s health and preventative health. He believes prevention and body optimisation is the ultimate way to prevent chronic disease, obesity and many other conditions. He has owned and is currently involved with clinics in the holistic health arena and believes that by assessing and caring for a person’s holistic health it is possible to live longer, healthier and happier life. Zac appears weekly on Channel 9’s Today Extra, and has previously appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise, The Morning Show and Daily Edition, Hit 105 Brisbane as well as 2GB and Talking Lifestyle. Zac drives a Landrover Range Rover and despite being able to easily afford it he believe $1300 for new brakes pads is unreasonable.

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137 Victoria Road
Drummoyne NSW 2047 
02 9181 3999