Children's Eye Centre

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Clinic Name
Children's Eye Centre
Clinic Type
Specialist Clinic
02 9896 4577
02 9631 5691
The Children’s Eye Centre comprises of three paediatric Ophthalmologists and two Orthoptists and is located in Wentworthville, Sydney.

We are committed to providing the highest possible care to our patients, and offer speciality expertise in the following areas:

paediatric ophthalmology (children’s eye problems) visual development strabismus (turned eyes) eye movement disorders genetic eye disease oculoplastics We provide comprehensive eye examinations which include vision, refraction (focus of the eye), fundoscopy (health of the back of the eye), eye alignment, eye movements and stereovision. Colour vision and Goldman visual fields can be performed when required. The examination is tailored to suit the age and developmental stage of your child.

Our Doctors and Orthoptists are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, research and teaching so that they can provide the highest care to your child and gain the best outcome possible. The Children’s Eye Centre also provides training opportunities for registrar Ophthalmologists and undergraduate Orthoptists. You can click on the Doctors & Orthoptist links to find more information.

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73 Darcy Road
Wentworthville NSW 2145