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Established in 1999, the ACCS is a not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary fellowship based body of general surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, dermatologists, ear nose and throat surgeons, ophthalmologists and other doctors and health care practitioners who practice in cosmetic medicine and surgery.

The primary goal of the ACCS is to ensure the safe provision of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgical procedures to the Australian general community through the supply of appropriately trained and certified health care practitioners.

The College also seeks to work cooperatively with government and other stakeholders to improve standards and safety and to educate health care consumers and its Fellows and spokespeople are regularly quoted in the media and consulted by federal and state health and consumer regulators.

The ACCS is the only medical college which provides education and training leading to fellowship specifically in cosmetic medicine and surgery. Fellows of the College are medical doctors who have completed post-graduate education and training and demonstrated competency specifically in cosmetic medicine and surgery. To become an ACCS Fellow, doctors must typically complete a minimum of 12 years of medical and surgical education and training.

Medical Practitioners, who wish to specialise in a particular field, obtain post graduate training from the learned Colleges. Cosmetic surgery and medicine has emerged as a new specialty and thus has not been a significant part of the training of any of the established Colleges. Indeed any doctor wishing to specialise in this field had no option but to acquire privately organised training on an apprenticeship basis. This training was not subject to any quality controls and varied greatly in its quality. Some doctors obtained adequate appropriate training and others did not.

To fill this vacuum The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery was established in 1999 as a multi-disciplinary body consisting of general surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ear nose and throat surgeons, ophthalmologists and other doctors who were already specialising in cosmetic surgery.

It was the successor to the Australian Association of Cosmetic Surgery, which was formed in 1992. The College has a medical faculty which accredits cosmetic physicians and a surgical faculty which accredits cosmetic surgeons.

The College believes that patients will be best served with cosmetic surgery and medicine being officially recognised as a new specialty. This will help to remove the confusion about the training and skills of different types of doctors offering cosmetic services. The college does not seek a monopoly in the provision of cosmetic surgical or medical services and is keen to work cooperatively with other craft groups to raise standards. The ACCS is though, the only group in Australia with a single focus on cosmetic surgery and medicine and is the only one which offers formal training and accreditation in cosmetic medicine and surgery.
Courses Offered
Surgical Registrar Training Program
Medical Registrar Training Program
Laser & IPL Courses

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