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Specific Physiotherapy
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If you're looking for high quality physiotherapy and remedial massage services in Preston and surrounding suburbs, look no further than Specific Physiotherapy. Our team of expert therapists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for all our patients, ensuring a speedy and full recovery from any musculoskeletal injury or condition.

Using the latest techniques and equipment, our therapists will carry out a thorough assessment of your condition before developing an individualised treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you're dealing with acute pain or chronic injuries, we'll work tirelessly to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Your physiotherapy treatment may include hands-on techniques such as massage and manipulation, as well as exercises and stretching to improve range of motion. We'll work with you to gradually increase your activity level, until you're back to your normal self.

At Specific Physiotherapy, we understand the importance of ongoing management and rehabilitation following any kind of injury or surgery. That's why we offer comprehensive physiotherapy services designed to help you achieve long-term results. We'll guide and support you every step of the way, helping you regain your strength, flexibility and mobility.

For more information about Billy Gilhooley of Specific Physiotherapy please visit https://healthpages.wiki/wiki/Mr_Billy_Gilhooley_(Physiotherapist)

If you're looking for expert physiotherapy and remedial massage services in Preston, look no further than Specific Physiotherapy. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our specialist therapists.

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