Ms Kylie Smith (Speech Pathologist)

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Ms Kylie Smith
Speech Pathologist

Dr Kylie Smith completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at LaTrobe University, and a PhD at the University of Melbourne. With nearly 20 years’ experience she has worked with clients of all ages, with a range of communication disorders. She consults at our clinic as a member of Brenda Carey Speech Pathology; a highly respected and longstanding speech pathology group in Malvern East.

Kylie enjoys the diversity that working as a generalist speech pathologist brings. Typical in her caseload are preschool children who are “late talkers”, children whose speech is difficult to understand or who mispronounce sounds, children who have language skills that appear less developed than their peers, and children, adolescents and adults who stutter. She works collaboratively with her clients and their families to establish meaningful goals for each individual. To this work Kylie also brings her own experiences as a parent of three young children.

Affiliated Clinics
Bluff Road Medical Centre

Practice Locations


Bluff Road Medical Centre
328 Bluff Road
Sandringham VIC 3191 
03 9598 6244
03 9521 0514