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The MammaPrint test, marketed by Agendia, is a genomic test that analyzes the activity of certain genes in early-stage breast cancer. MammaPrint is a microarray analysis and the result classifies analyzed tumors as low or righ risk for recurrence of the disease.

Research suggests the MammaPrint test may eventually be widely used to help make treatment decisions based on the cancer's risk of coming back (recurrence) within 10 years after diagnosis.

Knowing if a woman has a high or low risk of early-stage breast cancer coming back might help women and their doctors decide if chemotherapy or other treatments to reduce risk after surgery are needed.

Who's eligible for the MammaPrint test?

MammaPrint can only be used to analyze early-stage breast cancers. In the United States, MammaPrint can be used on cancers that are:

  • stage I or stage II
  • invasive
  • smaller than 5 centimeters
  • estrogen-receptor-positive or -negative

Internationally, MammaPrint can be used on cancers that are:

  • stage I or stage II
  • invasive
  • smaller than 5 centimeters
  • in three or fewer lymph nodes

In both the United States and internationally, MammaPrint can be used to analyze cancers that are hormone-receptor-positive and hormone-receptor-negative.

The MammaPrint test can be performed on fresh or freshly frozen breast cancer tissue or tissue that has been treated or 'fixed' with a special solution to preserve the genetic material. The MammaPrint test also can be done on a sample of preserved tissue that was removed during the original biopsy or surgery.

How does the MammaPrint test work?

The MammaPrint test looks at the activity of 70 genes and then calculates a recurrence score that is either low risk or high risk.

If you decide to have the MammaPrint test, you and your doctor will consider a number of factors when deciding on whether to add chemotherapy to your treatment plan, including:

  • your age
  • the size of the cancer
  • cancer grade
  • whether cancer cells were found in nearby lymph nodes
  • your general health
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