Dr Simon Cohen (Pain Medicine Specialist)

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Dr Simon Aaron Cohen
MBBS 1996
AMC 2008
Pain Medicine Specialist
Medical Specialties
Pain Medicine

Simon initially qualified in paediatrics in the UK (London) and then spent 8 years at the Sydney Children’s hospital. Simon has a wide experience of various branches of paediatric medicine and this led him to pain management, as this is often a common issue relevant to many areas. He gained further specialist in pain medicine and became a member of the Faculty of Pain.

He has naturally gravitated back to become a paediatric pain specialist in addition to managing adults with pain.

He is appointed medical director of Bear Cottage, an amazing children’s hospice in the heart of Sydney. Following his years of expertise and unique training in palliative care, once he arrived in Melbourne he has been appointed medical director at the Very Special Kids Hospice. Working in this area has not only given him expertise in palliative care symptom management but also in the area of symptom management of children with challenging neurological disorders who may not be able to communicate their distress.

Simon moved from The Sydney Children’s Hospital to Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to set up pain services for this new service which will be opening it’s doors to the new Monash Children’s hospital in 2017.

As a consultant Paediatrician with a wealth of experience in the UK and Australia, he is able to deal with all aspects of a child’s health, development and general wellbeing. He has an understanding of the difficulties and challenges of looking after a child with chronic pain and how this can impact on the family. By combining the latest in pain medicine knowledge and careful use of medications with a broader, holistic approach he aims to improve the function and quality of life of a child who has chronic pain.

Hospital Affiliations
Monash Medical Centre - Clayton
Affiliated Clinics
Pain Specialists Australia
Metro Pain Group - VIC

Practice Locations


Paediatric Pain Management Service
Block E Level 4
246 Clayton Road
Clayton VIC 3168 
03 9594 4175
03 9594 3698
Pain Specialists Australia
Level 4
600 Victoria St
Richmond VIC 3121 
1300 798 682
1300 798 385
Metro Pain Group - VIC
Monash House
Ground Floor
271 Clayton Road
Clayton VIC 3168 
03 9595 6111
03 9595 6110