Dr Peter Leighton (GP)

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We in Queensland have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. I am concerned about this as much as you. I have been interested in skin cancer since needing to have several moles removed as a teenager. The first melanoma I found was on my father when I was a medical student. If skin cancer is found early there is a very high rate of cure.

I have been working solely in skin for more than the last decade. I have worked at trained in rural areas, the Redlands and Sunnybank.

I am experienced in surgical and nonsurgical treatment on skin cancers and precancerous lesions.

Affiliated Clinics
Redlands Mole Screening and Skin Cancer Centre
Medical Conditions
Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer Checks
Skin Cancer & Reconstructions
Non-Surgical treatment for Skin Cancers
Removal of moles, skin cancers, etc

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Practice Locations


Redlands Molescreening & Skin Cancer Centre
2-20 Shore Street West
Ormiston QLD 4160 
07 3821 2988