Dr Mark Dalgleish (GP)

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Dr Mark Dalgleish
General Practitioner (GP)
Medical Specialties
General Practice

Mark studied medicine in Aberdeen, Scotland, where he graduated in 2004 and worked in Australia in 2005 before returning to Scotland in 2006. He then returned to Australia and worked in Palliative Care in Geelong, Victoria before returning to the UK to complete General Practice specialist training in London. After completing this in 2010, Mark had always intended to return to Australia, and moved back to Geelong in 2011 where he worked for 4-5 years with a particular focus on youth mental health and palliative care, in both Geelong and Sydney. After working in palliative medicine in Glasgow for a period of time in 2015, he then returned to Melbourne, where he works part time in palliative medicine in Geelong, and part time in general practice at HEMAC. Mark has always been passionate about quality health care for all, and about improving health for marginalised and vulnerable members of our communities. His particular interests are in mental health, palliative care, and sexual health.

Affiliated Clinics
Hawthorn East Medical & Aesthetic Clinic (HEMAC)

Practice Locations


Hawthorn East Medical & Aesthetic Clinic (HEMAC)
663 Burwood Road
Hawthorn East VIC 3123 
03 9078 9997
03 9939 6160