Melanie Stevens (Psychologist)

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Melanie Stevens

Melanie has completed a post graduate degree in rehabilitation counselling And a diploma in family therapy. Her unique style equips her to guide clients who are particularly motivated to grow and had enough of their same old problems! Her further qualifications in natural Therapies and interest in mind body medicine means she’s very in touch with how stress, trauma and unresolved issues can impact on the health and well-being of a person. Melanie has a keen interest to work with women and men who are stuck in a rut and feel like they have no thing left but want to build a life of happiness and enjoyment . You're the right candidate to work with Melanie of your keen to get working on yourself. A doer - perhaps even a perfectionist! Let’s get started.

Affiliated Clinics
Someone Health

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Someone Health
161 Castlereagh St
Sydney NSW 2000 
1800 491 556
1283 675 101